Application Mapping

To determine the structure and the flow of the application, I made an App Map. It shows the various states that a user encounters. It helped me specify which screens would need to be designed and what their purpose was. Here it's used with HiFi mockups.




Search Market

Become a Creator

Environmental Impact

Account & Brands

Search Market

Environmental Impact

Account & Brands

Style Guide


Grid & Spacing

8 px layout grid

60 px high rows

4 column grid
16 px margins


Inter Light 11 14 17 19

Inter Medium 11 14 17 19

Inter Semi Bold 11 14 17 19

Inter Light 11 14 17 19
Inter Regular 11 14 17 19
Inter Semi Bold 11 14 17 19



HiFi Mockups

Incorporating User Research, component design & brand design, I finalized the direction & creation of the hifi mockups.

Figma Link

If you'd like to further explore Kingdom, feel free to reach out & I can provide a link to the full prototype

Final Thoughts

This case study serves as an organic repository of research assets I create throughout Kingdom's lifecycle. This document will be continually updated as we continue designing Kingdom.